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Paradise’s Brendan & Pieper Remain Defiant To The Bitter End

Whipped cream was at the heart of tonight’s party Baccalaureate in paradise, and speaking of cream, Brendan Morais and Pieper james ended their stay in worse defeat.

After the group leaves Chris Conran and Alana milne in last week’s episode, the rest of the cast looked confused on Tuesday, September 14. A number of them, including Joe Amabile “Grocery Store”, Demi Burnett, Deandra kanu and Natasha Parker, ultimately confronted Brendan and Pieper for having a “relationship before this show,” according to Joe.

Brendan and Pieper declined to admit hurting their co-stars, but it’s telling that they also intentionally walked away. Brendan, who patronized his cast members as a “mob of disgruntled women,” ultimately said of Pieper that he wanted to “go with her, and we’ll do it on our own terms.” Parting is such a sweet heartbreak, except when it isn’t.

Pieper took to her Instagram Story shortly after her outing aired to make it clear that she doesn’t regret her actions, despite the fact that Brendan has lost more than 100,000 followers since last week. Pieper also lost many followers, but she didn’t have as many as he had at the start.