Panel recommends suspending Hunter Biden’s D.C. law license


A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Hunter Biden’s legal license in Washington had been suspended. The district’s licensing board recommended suspending the license, but the final decision rests with the D.C. Court of Appeals. The article has been corrected.

The District Legal License Committee for the D.C. Court of Appeals has recommended suspending Hunter Biden’s legal license, about a week after he was convicted of gun crimes in Delaware.

Biden has been licensed to practice law in the nation’s capital since 2007, registered under his full name, Robert H. Biden.

A Wilmington, Del., jury found President Biden’s 54-year-old son guilty of three counts of lying on a federal gun application, triggering what is considered a a standard procedure in the district for a convicted lawyer. of a crime.

The appeals court’s disciplinary counsel sent a letter to Biden and his attorney Abbe Lowell Monday evening. informing them that the panel had received copies of the jury verdict form and had determined that the offenses for which Biden had been convicted constituted a “serious crime” under DC Bar licensing rules.

The case placed the family’s darkest moments in the national spotlight and focused attention on Hunter Biden’s past drug use, which the jury concluded he sought to conceal on the federal form d purchase of firearms. Biden falsely stated that he was not using or addicted to illegal drugs at the time and that he illegally possessed the gun for 11 days in 2018 while he was addicted to crack cocaine, the jury noted.

Calls to Lowell seeking comment were not immediately returned.

According to the letter, Biden was “immediately suspended from the practice of law in the District of Columbia” pending further investigation into the matter and a determination that it involved dishonesty or immorality as defined by the District Bar Licensing Code. Although the disciplinary board recommended the suspension, the judges must accept the recommendation for the suspension to take effect.

During the week-long trial, Biden’s defense attorneys argued that prosecutors failed to offer a drug test or other concrete evidence that he was on drugs when he bought the weapon or that he had taken drugs while the weapon was in his possession. Prosecutors told the jury in closing arguments that they did not have to prove those details and that their responsibility was to show that Biden knew he was a drug user and was addicted to them at the time of the Purchased in October 2018.

The most serious charge carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison, but as a first-time offender, Biden is set to receive a lighter sentence.

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