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Pandemic forced her church to host virtual services, but she still wears her best Sunday

La Verne Wimberly, 82, posted pictures of herself rocking different outfits at home for the virtual church on 52 Sundays.

“I just decided (at) that point, I was just going to dress like I was going to church so I wouldn’t make a habit of snuggling,” Wimberly told CNN affiliate , KTUL.

Her posts featured colorful blazers and hats, along with scriptures and prayers to encourage her community.

Wimberly Church minister Merton Huff said she inspired others with her messages.

“She gives you something to focus on and dress up, that made my kids dress up,” Huff told KTUL.

Wimberly said as soon as health officials say it is safe to return to the service in person, she will be the “first in”.


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