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Paige and Chris’ first sight wedding decision day was wild

good this was a first for Married at first sight.

During the Wednesday May 12 final episode of Lifetime’s hit reality TV show, five couples had to answer the overarching question: would you like to stay married or would you like to get divorced?

While this season’s Decision Day brought many happy endings, we see you Vincent and Briana and your delicious cheesecake proposal – others continued the drama until the very end.

When it was time for Paige and Chris to meet, the experts including Dr. Schwartz pepper, Pastor Calvin roberson and dr. Viviana Coles expected the couple to confirm their divorce and separate. After all, when Chris found out he was expecting a child with his ex, the couple decided to go their separate ways.

In the end, he had one more thing to take from his chest. “You were the best thing I ever cherished and you embodied everything I ever wanted in a woman and I let external circumstances affect that and I mean from the bottom of my heart I rightfully am sorry I ruined this, “the entrepreneur shared with Paige. “You were what I needed in a woman and I didn’t appreciate it.

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