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Paging Dr. Satan: Ozzy Osbourne jokingly credits Devil for COVID-19 protection


Rock icon Ozzy Osbourne jokingly praised the devil for keeping him safe throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite his reputation as rock’s prince of darkness, Osbourne is no Satanist.

“I am a Christian,” he told The Guardian in 2014. “I have been baptized a Christian. I went to Sunday school. I never really cared about it because… I didn’t. My idea of ​​paradise makes me feel good. A place where people are good with each other. This world scares me.

Osbourne, 72, has suffered from a range of health issues in recent years, including a staph infection, a case of the flu that turned into pneumonia, Parkinson’s disease and injuries from a fall from a bicycle in 2019 that left him “in agony beyond anything I have ever experienced before in my life,” he told Rolling Stone at the time.



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