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Pack your bags for HBO’s new wild reality TV show Max FBoy Island

The ultimate dream of a single woman or a real nightmare? HBO Max’s latest reality show could be both.

The new show is called FBoy Island, and he follows three women who move to a tropical island with 24 single men. Twelve of these men are self-proclaimed “cool guys” and 12 are self-proclaimed “Boys”. The good guys are looking for love and the FBoys are fighting for money. Women have to try to fall in love, and then they find out who is who.

It’s awesome and it’s awful, and we hate it but we love it and we wouldn’t say no if someone asked us to participate, because what a fun game! We’re here, that’s what we say.

HBO Max describes the show as “a social experiment that asks the age-old question: Can FBoys really reform or do Nice Guys always end up last?”

We have never asked this question but we are happy to know that it will be answered!

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