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Overwatch 2 developer criticized for ‘tone-deaf’ response to Winterfest controversy

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Overwatch 2 players have discovered that it is not possible to complete the Winter Fair event even if they have to pay for the event pass. One developer’s response to player complaints about the Winterfair did little to allay those concerns.

The Winter Fair event is coming to Overwatch 2 soon, bringing with it an event that will allow players to earn tickets that can be used to obtain a certain number of skins from a store. However, players were quick to notice a few things about the event.

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Firstly, Free Route tickets would never allow a player to get their hands on the legendary skins from the event. Since there are 160 tickets and there are only 120 on the free course, players won’t be able to get expensive items no matter how hard they try.

Second, the event’s paid premium pass doesn’t give players enough to get all the event skins. The price of the skins is such that if a player wants both the Reinhardt and Widowmaker skins, they will only have enough for one additional skin in the event. At most, players get 4 out of 5. And that’s only if they complete each week’s challenges in the event pass.

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Following Blizzard’s implementation of this event and its pass, Overwatch 2 players were unhappy with the team. And one developer’s response only fueled the fires.

Overwatch 2 developer blasted for saying paid event was ‘in the spirit of the holidays’

Although Overwatch 2’s shift in focus toward purely multiplayer content has worked in Blizzard’s favor, players have had their share of gripes regarding the game’s monetization. Although the sale of skins and other cosmetics is A necessary part of keeping a free-to-play title alive, keeping players happy with what they pay for while still making a profit is a delicate balance.

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Players felt like this balance was disrupted by the Winter Fair event model which prevents players from winning everything, even with a paid pass. Overwatch 2 Executive Producer Jared Neuss Disagrees.

Jared flatly confirms that players won’t be able to unlock everything, citing a desire to give players “a choice in what rewards they got in this event”, rather than just giving them everything upfront.

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Based on the players’ response to Neuss’ sentiment, this is clearly not what they want.

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“I think what’s not said enough with battle passes is that you’re not paying $5 for 4 skins here. You pay that much for the privilege of playing the game that many times for a limited time before you can’t do it anymore. a player responded.

For many, it felt like Jared’s answer left out the amount of time they would have to spend playing the game with the idea of ​​paying $5 to get 4 legendary skins. Especially at this time of year when many choose to spend time with family and loved ones.

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Others have argued that there should be no FOMO at all when it comes to a ticketed event. “There should be no fucking FOMO. ESPECIALLY for the people putting that extra money in YOUR pocket. Holy shit. Even though Reddit probably represents less than 5% of the player base, we should absolutely refuse to participate in this event based on this response alone.

And that’s not to mention that the Widowmaker and Reinhardt skins, the jewels of the event, aren’t even unique skins. Kerrigan Widowmaker existed before and the Christmas present-themed Reinhardt skin is a recolor of her cardboard skin released a few months prior.

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It remains to be seen whether or not Overwatch 2 developers decide to change how the Winter Fair works before launch.

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