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Over 20,000 unaccompanied migrant children in U.S. custody

As of Tuesday, there were 4,228 unaccompanied children in the custody of Customs and Border Protection, an agency generally unwilling to care for children for prolonged periods, and 16,045 children in the care of the Ministry of Health and Social Services, which oversees a shelter. network.

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The latest figures indicate some level of progress as the administration tries to reduce overcrowding at border patrol facilities and transfer children to HHS.

But the encounters of children crossing the American-Mexican border alone are still numerous. On Tuesday, 747 unaccompanied children crossed the border.

“What we do every day is, ‘OK, where are we? How many people have come today? Where are they going? How many beds do we have? What are the barriers in the system to make take children out of the system? to place them with their parents? “a White House official told CNN on Wednesday.” It’s a million little things that are helping to increase that number of children. “

Nonetheless, the administration will need to continue to increase bed capacity and significantly reduce the time required to hand over unaccompanied migrant children to sponsors such as parents or other relatives in the United States in order to avoid backlogs at facilities. border patrol in the coming months, according to internal government documents obtained by CNN.


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