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Outside group cites Senate Ethics Committee reprimand on Larry Craig to demand investigation of Blackburn

The two situations are markedly different – namely that Craig pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct following a sexual prick in the bathroom in 2007. But an outside left-wing group sees a direct comparison to the two episodes, accusing Blackburn to use his influence inappropriately as well – this time to evade a possible traffic violation against one of his assistants, although it is not certain that an investigation into his driving will take. in law.

Craig was berated by the panel for his actions during his infamous bathroom incident 14 years ago after showing a police officer his business card, identifying himself as a US Senator. “What do you think of that?” he said, according to the 2008 panel public warning.

Now, the Campaign for Accountability group has filed a complaint with the panel, citing this episode as it sought to open an investigation into Blackburn after CNN reported that she jumped out of a car and showed her congressional pin to a US Capitol police officer, who had stopped. his driver on his way to the airport at the end of last month.

The officer then let his car go and did not record the incident. Blackburn’s office told CNN last month that the officer asked for his identity.

As Senator Craig showing her business card to a law enforcement officer, Senator Blackburn showed her Congressional pin, apparently with the hope that by doing so she would receive favorable treatment and be allowed to start without further delay, ”says the complaint. “Such conduct violates Senate rules prohibiting members from using their position and status to receive special or favorable treatment.”

A spokesperson for Blackburn did not respond to a request for comment on the complaint.

It is not known whether the Senate committee will accept the request or simply ignore it. The committee operates with the utmost secrecy until it takes formal action.

After last month’s incident, a Blackburn aide texted his friends to tell them the senator “got out, flashed his pin, got into the car [and] says ‘drive!’ ”

“The officer didn’t say a word, just shook his head,” the aide said in a text message, which was reviewed by CNN.

A spokesperson for Blackburn confirmed the incident to CNN last month, noting that it was the senator’s driver who was arrested on his way to the airport leaving the Capitol. “The police officer asked the senator for identification, which she provided, and then proceeded to the airport.”

Michelle Kuppersmith, executive director of the group filing the complaint, said the senator’s actions should be investigated.

“This is a simple example of an elected official abusing her position to avoid the consequences that other citizens face,” said Kuppersmith.

Craig’s actions, however, were much more serious allegations and cost much more, which ultimately led to his decision to step down from the Senate and plead him guilty to disorderly conduct – the whole result of ‘a shot from an officer in a bathroom stall who accused the senator of soliciting sex. Craig has denied soliciting sex and has long maintained that his actions were misinterpreted by the officer. He subsequently failed in an attempt to overturn his guilty plea.

In a 2008 letter to the then senator, the committee berated Craig and said he should not have shown his business card.

“Under the circumstances at the time, you knew or should have known that a reasonable person in the position of the arresting officer could view your action and statement as an improper attempt on your part to “Use your position and status as a United States senator to receive special and favorable treatment,” the committee said.


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