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Originally from Saint-Brieuc, she is sentenced in London for the theft of five million euros of diamonds – Brittany

A 60-year-old woman, Lulu Lakatos, from the region of Saint Brieuc, was sentenced on Wednesday July 28 to five and a half years in prison following her trial in London. She was convicted of stealing diamonds worth £ 4.2million, or nearly € 5million.

Exchange of diamonds in the bag

The defendant was part of a group of international criminals who mounted the theft of diamonds on March 10, 2016, in the Boodles jewelry store in central London, the metropolitan police of the British capital said in a statement. During her trial, Lulu Lakatos, already convicted three times for theft in France, defended herself by assuring that it was her sister, who died in 2019, who would have stolen her passport to commit the theft, and not of itself. This version did not convince. “This was a very sophisticated and daring offense in terms of planning, risk and reward, an offense in which you played an integral part,” said Judge Emma Goodall, who sentenced her.

Lulu Lakatos posed as “Anna”, a gemologist commissioned by Russian buyers, to examine seven gemstones, during a date at the jewelry store. Thanks to a sleight of hand, she managed to steal the locked bag containing the stones, and conceal it in a hidden compartment of her purse. She replaced it with another identical bag, which contained only fake stones, of the same weight. His behavior, suspicious, led to a visual check of his purse, but nothing is found. She therefore leaves the jewelry store, and, further down the street, passes the real bag to one of her accomplices, as the video surveillance images show.

Three hours later, she was in the Eurostar

The Frenchwoman changed in the toilets of a pub before taking the Eurostar and returning to France, less than three hours after the flight. She stayed in the country for less than 24 hours.

It was not until the next day that the suspicious jeweler checked the bag and discovered the false stones. The London Metropolitan Police investigated and identified her using surveillance cameras. She was arrested and then extradited from France to England on December 3, 2020. Two other accomplices were arrested and imprisoned. As for diamonds? They are still nowhere to be found.

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