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opponents of measures against Covid-19 arrested near the Bundestag – RT in French

German police made several arrests during a demonstration by the “Querdenker” movement, opposed to health measures against Covid. Berlin recently tightened its law allowing such restrictions to be imposed across the country.

On April 13, German police arrested several dozen protesters from the Querdenker movement (literally, “Those who think crookedly”), who oppose the measures taken against Covid-19.

The protesters had gathered near the Bundestag, the German parliament, which must ratify the toughening of the law allowing the imposition of health restrictions, approved by the government.

The demonstration proceeded peacefully, including speeches, but the police then made arrests and distributed fines to enforce the wearing of masks and social distancing.

The German federal government has strengthened its power, vis-à-vis the regions, to impose the application of emergency measures, such as new lockdowns. The text has yet to be ratified by the Bundestag.

According to figures from the Coronavirus Resource Center at the American Johns-Hopkins University, Germany has, as of April 14, 79,137 deaths from Covid and more than 3 million cases detected.

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