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Opinion |  How about a little sobriety, please?

the Washington post got with the program, giving Biden credit for not having waited “a long time to start staffing his administration, swearing in the main collaborators of the White House,” as if the incoming former presidents had been busy taking the reins. the New York Times swallowed all the recent myth that turned Biden from a sneaky politician into a statesman, conveying his call to civility and unity and portraying him as a disciplined, restrained character when anyone who has studied his career knows he is anything but.

Yeah, yeah, everyone can all appreciate that the honeymoon press coverage that reporters turn on for most of the new presidents, so in that sense, the explosions aren’t surprising. On the one hand, he’s not Donald Trump, and that takes him a long way in the media. In addition, journalists and analysts were thirsty for something akin to normalcy after witnessing the siege of January 6 on the same steps, as they kept repeating, where rioters had just rubbed shoulders. the police. And the swearing in of a vice-president from the African and South Asian diasporas has given the occasion a real boost.

But that does not excuse the rhetorical exaggeration that the press has launched with such debauchery. CNN’s Jake Tapper, a normally sober commentator and journalist, was so moved by Biden-Harris’ visit to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier after the inauguration that he helped himself a little game by game inside of the spirit of the new president. “I can’t imagine President Biden was not thinking about his favorite soldier, Beau Biden, his son, who died of cancer, who was a major in the Army Reserve, and for whom he cries a lot,” he said. intoned Tapper. Please, please, can we have a brief moratorium on future Beau Biden references unless absolutely necessary?

On his Twitter feed, the CNN media guy Brian stelter was actually complaining that the Fox News Channel gashouse gang was celebrating the happy day with reviews on the cover. Released from his previous personal mission to defend Trump’s madness, the network Greg Gutfeld has targeted its competitors for their lapdoggery. “As the corporate press drools for Joe, they frantically spit on President Trump, the outgoing guy, trying to outdo themselves on who’s most relieved that our national nightmare is over,” Gutfeld said on Wednesday, making him one of the blind pigs who found a truffle.

Biden’s honest henchmen would have to admit that Gutfeld had a point, however, and by going overboard for Biden, the press was guilty of 1) hyping Joe; 2) inflate expectations to a volume it can’t meet and 3) give viewers and readers a reason to suspect, if not beware, of Biden’s brilliant cover. In an age when a large chunk of Americans think of the mainstream media as a left-wing tool, a little less bootlicking could help build confidence among media skeptics.

Admittedly, the cries of joy from the TV booths that greeted Biden were not unique to his inauguration or his political persuasion. Presidents like Ronald Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II were the beneficiaries of the inaugural honeymoon coverage. But protests like this most surely happen when Democrats take the White House, and never has a Republican received the kind of treatment Barack Obama did when he opened in 2008 when MSNBC’s Chris Matthews famous admitted for “feeling that thrill go up my leg” when Obama spoke.

The human impulse to treat an inauguration as a sacred and holy coronation-like event can never be eliminated, only suppressed. Until the United States transitions from a presidential system to a form of parliamentary government, where the main political leader can be cashed in and replaced in a day with no pomp or circumstance, we are stuck in all the turmoil we encounter. a new president.

Unless we dose commentators, presenters, and reporters with Seconal to keep their central nervous systems from overreacting to opening day proceedings, perhaps we could fit a cynical house into every network and newspaper at the police or at least mitigate the irrational exuberance raining down. on most openings. Think of the cynical house as the trusted one to stay away from the gravy all night long so that when the party ends a sober person is still on their feet to get all the drunks home safely.


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