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Opinion |  High on their own supply

Let’s be honest. It’s much nicer to be greeted by the left than demonized, as you do during times when you hold a Democratic president to account, because the left can be as mean as the right.

When I went to the Vanity Fair Oscar party with AG Sulzberger in 2017, movie stars rushed to thank him for fighting President Trump. Time and time again, he explained that it was not the New York Times’ mission to be part of the resistance. On the contrary, he said, the newspaper would be upright and the fight is based on the truth.

As the Trump years wore on and outrages mounted, with the renegade president making it clear that he would not be bound by decency or legality, the left declared it a national emergency and acted as if all journalistic objectivity should be suspended. Some thought the media should ignore Trump’s press conferences and tweets and that the only legitimate interview with Trump was when you stabbed him in the eye with a salad fork.

Many journalists have expressed strong opinions, like never before when covering a president. The tango between Trump and the media – his most passionate relationship – was as toxic as it was profitable. For reporters, who hadn’t looked so posh since Ben Bradlee fought Richard Nixon, big cable, book, and movie deals have poured in. CNN was on “Breaking News” for four straight years, thanks to Trump’s dark genius for outdoing himself with extravagant storytelling.

The lines were blurry, which would inevitably need to be turned back when normalcy was restored.

Part of the new claim was good and should continue. After many years of having to comb through the thesaurus for a synonym for “liar” to use about Dick Cheney, the Times has finally allowed us to call high ranking politicians who are lying liars. . Thanks, Donald Trump!

But the press, bathed in constant adulation and better pay, will have a tough adjustment. A whole generation of journalists were raised in the caldera that was Trump’s briefing room.

Some Washington journalists have been worried about this for some time, that the left will “make the referees work”, as has been said, and turn on the media and attack if they dare to report something that could harm the Republic. in danger (i.e. hurting a Democrat).

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