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Opinion |  Here is … Matt Gaetz

After retiring and recovering, Mills revealed that while setting U.S. tax policy, he often drank half a gallon of alcohol a night and once hallucinated buzzards chasing him.

It was a scandal.

Donald Trump might have been a terrible president, but he was a prime example of how to weather crises like his exposure to naked beauty pageant contestants and that adultery case debated in the New York tabloids. York. Another man could have curled up in a ball under the bed in humiliation. But Trump just measured the headlines and moved on.

Now, the Times has reported that at the very end of Trump’s presidency, Gaetz asked the White House for “general preventive pardons” for himself and some of his allies. Trump, who has been spectacularly silent on the issues of his staunch supporter, quickly said he had not discussed pardons directly with Gaetz.

Maybe he missed the memo. Gaetz is a huge Trump fanboy who recently proposed his fiancée (yes!) To Mar-a-Lago. He offered to step down from Congress to represent Trump as an impeachment lawyer. It would have been a touching move, except that Gaetz is clearly a guy who would be happy to swap his seat in the House of Representatives for, say, a gig with a game show.

If his goal is to be successful on right-wing talk shows, Gaetz will certainly have to be more careful. During a recent appearance on Fox, he reminded Tucker Carlson of the time they went on a double date. Carlson certainly didn’t remember.

While there have been a lot of shocking political stories that have circulated over the years, it’s a little different when the whole world can just Google it. In 2019, for example, a Tory website posted nude photos of Rep. Katie Hill, which the first-year Democrat called revenge porn leaked by her ex-husband.

Hill’s story entered a second chapter when she admitted she had an affair with a campaign staff member and resigned. Gaetz kind of congratulated himself on standing up for her “when her own Democratic colleagues wouldn’t,” and she recently admitted that he had been a pal in “one of the darkest moments of my life. life”.

… Before adding that if there was even “a fraction of the truth” in the current reports – which included the presentation of photos of naked women without their consent – he should definitely resign. “At once.”

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