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Operation “punch” on the RN12 Thursday evening: 200 vehicles checked, drugs and weapons seized – Brittany


“It’s a punchy operation, inevitably with a surprise effect for motorists”. This Thursday, September 16, around 7:40 p.m., the captain Boris Martin, commander of the Plourin-lès-Morlaix gendarmerie company, which has 120 soldiers, oversees the exceptional device which has just started: the RN 12, in the direction Rennes-Brest, is completely diverted to the Saint-Servais area.

The services of the DIRO have placed service trucks to alert motorists of the “compulsory exit” and 22 soldiers are on site in the area waiting for them: gendarmes of the EDSR (departmental road safety squadron), PSIG ( gendarmerie surveillance and intervention platoon) of Plourin-lès-Morlaix, Landivisiau brigade and Brest customs officers, with dog handlers.

Alcohol and narcotics in the crosshairs

For more than two hours, until 10 p.m., more than 200 vehicles will be checked. “The objective is to mark people,” explains David Foltz, director of the cabinet of the prefect of Finistère, in the field. Bad habits have been acquired on the road during the covid period, there are too many accidents, too many deaths and we must remember the importance of road safety ”.

Among the causes identified and in the viewfinder of the military this Thursday evening, “alcohol” and “narcotics”, “plagues”. But checks can also “make it possible to find something else”.

Weapons and cocaine

And in fact, at the time of the assessment, the list aligns “11 conducts under the influence of narcotics (cannabis)”, “four detentions of narcotics (cannabis)”, “three conducts in an alcoholic state” (two offenses and one violation), “three license defects”, “two without insurance”, “two non-compliant license plates”, “two technical control defects”.

And also… a person placed in police custody, in Landivisiau, for possession of a weapon, a rifle and two pistols, with ammunition. And customs detention, with a young woman, arriving from Guyana and placed in police custody in Brest, after being discovered with 300 grams of cocaine in her hair (equivalent to € 18,000).