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Only Murders in the Building Preview: Is Mabel Really a Suspect?

Does Mabel (Selena Gomez) the murderer? This is what Charles (Steve martin) and Olivier (Martin runs) wonder in this exclusive clip from the September 14 episode of Only the murders in the building.

While Oliver seems to be life for the drama, Charles doesn’t seem convinced by the idea that their podcasting partner has a deadly secret. “Big, big twist,” Oliver says into a recording device at the start of the new clip above. “We have an unexpected turn of events, thanks to my son Will. Mabel knew Tim Kono and lied about it.”

As he continues, Oliver claims that this probably means Mabel is responsible for the death of the Arconia resident, adding, “And now we wonder if he was the first or the last of his savage madness?”

Refusing to jump on the anti-Mabel train, Charles retorted sarcastically, “Yeah, because she totally fits profile: female, late twenties, wearing cool boots, bed The sturdy boys. When I see that on a CV, I think of a murderer. “