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OnePlus 12 preview with new color and rearranged button

The official announcement won’t happen yet, but OnePlus wants you to know that it has moved the alert slider for better antenna support and added a new Flowy Emerald color to its upcoming flagship phone .

OnePlus continues its bid to become a major player in the phone space with a preview of its next flagship phone, the OnePlus 12.

Now in a green design called Flowy Emerald inspired by the Dart River in China, the OnePlus 12 design also includes a relocated alert slider.


“Based on internal testing, it was decided that the optimal location for the gaming antennas is between the user’s index fingers when the phone is held in panoramic orientation,” the company wrote in an email . “However, home is currently occupied by the alert slider on the OnePlus 11. By moving the alert slider to the other side of the phone, better gaming antennas could be deployed on the OnePlus 12.”

In fact, now that the slider is moved, the strength of the sign is no longer uniform throughout the body of the phone. OnePlus explains this with what it calls ultra-compact full-band antenna technology that also integrates the Alert Slider into the antenna itself. This allows for better balance and, according to the company, an additional 3 dB of antenna signal and a reduction in game latency by 15 percent.


Official details are thin on the ground, but Engadget predicts a December 15 release date. Yahoo Tech Hong Kong note (translated into English via browser) that the phone may also feature a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, a 2K display, and wireless charging support (new for current OnePlus phones) and an infrared remote control talent. The site also includes a 50 MP Sony LYT-808 photoreceiver and a 3x telephoto lens in the Hasselblad camera array.

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