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One in four Bretons has received a dose of vaccine against covid-19 – Coronavirus

The calendar changes every day, the appointment slots are missing in some areas, they remain unused in others, and the French vaccination campaign thus continues against a backdrop of chaotic and disjointed atmosphere. And yet, she is advancing: a fifth of the French population has been able to receive a dose since December. In some areas, this share is growing faster than elsewhere. A quarter of the inhabitants of Brittany were thus able to receive at least one dose of vaccine.

Age, places, key figures: all the information on vaccination in Brittany

Only Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Corsica also exceed this proportion. On Wednesday, the director general of the Breton regional health agency welcomed it. Friday morning, the mayor of Quimper, Isabelle Assih, stressed for her on France Inter that Finistère “vaccinates quite well”.

A third of adults in Brittany

The Ministry of Health recently put forward a rate even more marked if one takes into account only the vaccinated adults. Indeed, if we focus on the adult population, three in ten people aged 20 or over have received a dose in France. This share reaches one in three in Brittany.

At the departmental level, it is Corse-du-Sud which shows the largest proportion of the vaccinated population, as of April 28, whether it is for the total population (32%) or for adults only (40%). Not far behind, the Côtes-d’Armor have the fifth highest departmental rate, with three out of ten inhabitants having received a dose. The department even drops to third place if we focus on Costa Rican adults.

The differences in population and age explain these variations in particular. Thirteen of the fifteen departments with the most advanced coverage have fewer than 500,000 inhabitants.

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