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One dead, several hospitalized in mass shooting in Bryan, Texas

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Dr Fauci just released this COVID warning for all

The coronavirus pandemic is not over. Even if you’ve been vaccinated, others haven’t – and they’re at risk, maybe from you. This is the message that Dr. Rochelle Walensky, head of the CDC, and Dr.Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, tried to get the COVID response team briefing across. -19 from the White House yesterday. Fauci then amplified the same thing last night on CNN. Read on to find out the top 6 things you need to know right now to stay safe and to ensure your health and the health of others, don’t miss these signs that your disease is actually coronavirus in disguise. Dr Fauci says “the level” we are at right now is dangerous for you California is planning to fully reopen by June. Other states, such as Florida and Texas, are already fully open. Yet the number of new cases is stuck at an “extremely high level”, warns Dr Fauci. As to when we would finally be safe, “I think Dr Fauci over the summer talked about a number of cases below 10,000 under 5,000,” Dr Walensky replied. “We’re at 62,000 today. So you know…. I think we’re way too high to think we’ve won this race.” “Very well said,” added Dr Fauci. “What we will almost certainly see as we get a larger and larger proportion of the population vaccinated, that the number of cases will go down, but we wouldn’t recommend anything different until we get well below it. of the level where we are now. ” 2 The head of the CDC said we have about 50,000 cases a day too many. California plans to reopen completely by June. Other states, such as Florida and Texas, are already fully open. “I wonder if we have a new number – what might the new threshold be for a full scale reopening?” the doctors were questioned. “I think Dr Fauci over the summer spoke of a number of cases below 10,000 below 5,000,” Dr Walensky replied. “We’re at 62,000 today. So, you know, what I would say is that in the context of vaccination, we still have to have a very low number of cases, to stop the circulation of the virus, to to stop the emergence of variants, to stop hospitalizations and ultimately to stop deaths. I am really encouraged by this decrease in the number of deaths which I believe is an impact of vaccination, especially the vaccination of our elderly communities. But I think we’re way too high to think we’ve won this race. “3 Michigan is a COVID hotspot. Will other stops be necessary? Doctors were asked if there was a need for tougher measures in Michigan. , where cases are increasing the fastest. Should spaces reduce openings? Should sports for young people, which have been shown to spread the virus, be cut back? “We have been in close contact with the state,” said Dr Walensky. the advice on sports for young people is actually pretty self-explanatory with regards to substantial or high transmission and that these activities should take place outdoors and more than six feet away ”and that there should be tests, “I would recommend stronger mitigation strategies to somehow decrease community activity, be sure to wear a mask.” And we are working closely with the state to try to work in that direction. “4 CDC chief said 65,000 cases mean 65,000 opportunities for further spread of virus” We are seeing some very encouraging trends that vaccination is working, “said Dr Walensky.” That said, we are still seeing elderly people in hospital, and these are the ones who haven’t been vaccinated yet. We always hear stories of “I got my vaccine yesterday and today I have COVID.” And so, what we really want to do is just increase that vaccination more and more so that we can be in a place where we have more vaccines out there, and really less disease – circulating. That’s 65,000 cases. That’s 65. 000 opportunities for mutations to occur, for more variants to spread. ”5 Dr Fauci said that when we reach a“ degree of normality, ”when will we achieve collective immunity?“ There will be no no absolute number ”in that we know that everything is fine, said Dr Fauci, “but I think what we are going to see is that as we get more and more people vaccinated you will see that it can lead to a decrease in the number of cases we see every day. And with that, you know, the cascading domino effect of fewer hospitalizations and fewer deaths. I don’t think it will be a precise number. I don’t know what that number is. I can say it will be that percentage, but we will find out when we see it, it will be obvious because the numbers are dropping quite dramatically. And when they do, we’re going to end up getting really, step by step, much, much more towards what we consider to be approaching a degree of normalcy, which everyone is really noticing quite dramatically is on the way. Hang on. “RELATED: Signs You’re Catching One of the” Deadliest “Cancers 6 How To Stay Safe Until This Pandemic Ends So Follow Fauci’s Fundamentals And Help End This Pandemic, Wherever You Are – wear a well-fitting, double-layered face mask, do not travel, social distancing, avoid large crowds, do not go indoors with people you are not immune to (especially in bars), practice good hand hygiene, get vaccinated when it becomes available to you, and to protect your life and the lives of others, do not visit any of these 35 places where you are most likely to catch COVID .

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