On the heels of Tarkov’s worst week ever, a new rival extraction shooter is looking to woo its disgruntled audience

Tactical FPS Gray Zone Warfare is set to launch into Early Access tomorrow⁠. It’s an exciting release given this shooter’s mix of milsim realism and Arma-style mining gameplay, but the recent upheaval around Escape From Tarkov’s monetization disaster has everyone’s eyes set on the Gray Zone as a potential Tarkov killer.

There are plenty of other things going on in the field of pull shooters right now, but Tarkov has carved out a special niche for itself with its highly realistic and modern military aesthetic and gameplay: Time to Kill in Tarkov is extremely fast, and gunshot wounds must be treated to prevent you from being injured. bleed, leading to firefights that are as much about situational awareness and handling enemies as they are about aiming quickly. At the root of this tug-of-war is a ruthless, winner-take-all economy that turns every decision into a risk-reward gamble.

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