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on Instagram and Tik Tok, Emmanuel Macron answers questions about vaccination

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President Emmanuel Macron proposed, Monday, in a short video posted on Instagram and Tik Tok, to respond directly to questions from users of these social networks concerning the vaccination against Covid-19. He recalls that the vaccine is “the only weapon” in the face of the fourth wave of coronavirus with already “a little more than 35 million” of French people duly vaccinated.

In the aftermath of new demonstrations against the health pass in France, the Head of State goes on the offensive. Emmanuel Macron offered, Monday, August 2, to the French on Instagram and Tik Tok to respond directly to all their questions on vaccination, to counter “false information”, “false rumors”, “sometimes anything”, which circulate .

Black T-shirt and sitting in front of a French flag, the Head of State, on vacation at Fort Brégançon (Var), posted on these social networks this short one-minute video where he films himself.

He recalls that vaccination is “the only weapon” in the face of the fourth wave of Covid-19, with “a little more than 42 million French women and men who have received a vaccine injection” and “a little more than 35 million “who have” received both doses and are therefore properly vaccinated, fully vaccinated “.

“I know that yet many of you are still wondering, are afraid, many hear false information, false rumors, sometimes anything – it must be said – so I decided to answer your questions directly . Go ahead, ask me and I will try to be as direct and as clear as possible “, explains Emmanuel Macron.

The initiative of the Head of State comes as the third consecutive Saturday of demonstrations against the health pass was marked by an increased mobilization, more than 200,000 people, in the heart of the summer holidays.

The Élysée told AFP that the head of state would “take questions and answer by video regularly this week”.

“Is it a president or a lobbyist speaking !?”

Among the first questions visible on Instagram Monday, that of a user who has “already had (his) two doses” and wants to know if a “third dose possible in 6 months”, or the testimony of a woman saying “vaccinated and released! “

But also: “What is the point of being vaccinated while in some regions wearing a mask has become mandatory outside?”, “How can you prove that the vaccine minimizes serious forms?”, “What is it? in this vaccine? “.

“Is it true that there is a 5G chip in it”, “Is it sure that this vaccine does not reduce our lifespan?”, Ask other Internet users, while some ask Emmanuel Macron if he is himself vaccinated.

While a new curfew was introduced in Martinique on Saturday, “lolais972” accuses: “You have already poisoned Martinique with chlordecone and you lied to us, you and your predecessors, so good”.

“It is a president or a lobbyist who speaks !?”, launches another.

“Possible” to achieve collective immunity “in early fall”

On the vaccination front, 42.6 million people have received at least one injection (or 63.2% of the total population) and more than 35 million people now have a complete vaccination schedule (or 52.6% of the total population), according to figures released Monday by the Ministry of Solidarity and Health.

Hospitals in France counted, on August 2, 7,840 Covid patients (or 761 more than a week earlier), including 1,232 in critical care services (against 952 last Monday).

However, the progression of the epidemic seems to be slowing down, suggesting a “plateau” during the month of August.

In addition, the chairman of the orientation council of the vaccine strategy, Alain Fischer, considered “possible” to achieve collective immunity, with 90% of the population vaccinated at “the beginning of autumn”.

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