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On a moped, four friends will cross France for a good cause

Last year, a bunch of friends announced their crazy bet : cross France on a moped, from the Drôme to La Forest-Landerneau (29), for the trip, but also to support a good cause, the fight against multiple sclerosis. Enough to add 987 km on the clock and eight pit stops. But that was March 13, 2020. Since then, water, or rather virus, circulated in the air. As a result, the start was postponed for one year.

I will go to sleep at your place … in mob ‘

A slightly frustrating change of direction but which certainly did not slow down their expedition. “It was a big blow. But it also allowed us to consolidate our project ”, explains Tristan Martinez, 32, banker, who does not hesitate to“ sing ”his moped in the streets of La Forest-Landerneau, under the intrigued gaze of passers-by.

(The Telegram / Enora Heurtebize)

“It’s crazy how unifying. Suddenly, we said to ourselves that we would go towards more authenticity. No more well-framed stands. These will be events throughout the meetings. Kind of like the TV show ”I will sleep at your house“, by circulating information about multiple sclerosis and sharing our good humor”.

Jack Brèle, Mob Marley and David Bécane

Another important point: in one year, thanks to the fundraiser and their sponsors, they have gone from € 4,000 collected for the cause, to more than € 7,500! With a departure scheduled for May 15, for an arrival on May 22, the four pilots are in the starting blocks. So we find Tristan Martinez and his Jack Brèle, Jérémy Roche and his Mob Marley, Yohann Martinez with his David Bécane and, finally, the expert in p’tits sores and stage musician, Sam Ajamian, at the wheel of the broom wagon. .

On a moped, four friends will cross France for a good cause
The four friends of the Mobydick Mobylette Club project, including the Forester Tristan Martinez, on the left

This road-trip will make people aware of this disease, but not in tearful mode, we want to bring hope

A great adventure yet started from not much: a dream. “One morning, when one of my childhood friends from Drôme was at home, I told him that I had dreamed of crossing France in a tangle. He replied: “Cap ‘, we are doing it!” This is how it was born the Mobydick Mobylette Club association. The funny thing is, I wasn’t even a fan of mopeds! »Says the man who is now an ace in moped repair thanks to tutorials from YouTube and to great encounters with enthusiasts of lugging.

A dream that holds up

Membership in a cause is also linked to a coincidence. An unfortunate stroke of fate. “A friend, a 33-year-old mother, had just found out that she had multiple sclerosis. I discovered that she could find herself in a wheelchair overnight, explains Tristan, who despite everything never forgets his positive and optimistic side for long. This road trip will make it possible to make people aware of this disease, but not in tearful fashion, we want to bring hope ”. “Make your life a dream, and a dream a reality”: this quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry has never held up so well.

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