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Olivier Véran defends the “continuation of health protection measures until the fall” – RT in French

Before the Senate, Olivier Véran explained the extension of the state of health emergency until June and debated in Parliament, and the wish of the executive to see a transitional regime succeed him until the end of September .

In an electric and tense atmosphere, the National Assembly gave the green light on the evening of January 20 to the extension of the state of health emergency until June 1 in the face of the Covid-19 epidemic, despite opposition from left to right. An article of the initial text proposed by the government made the regime of exit from the state of health emergency applicable until September 30, but it was withdrawn by the law committee in the Assembly.

In the Senate Law Committee on January 21, Olivier Véran explained this orientation.

“We are targeting 15 million people vaccinated by the summer,” announces the Minister of Health, warning that this figure was far from ideal to protect the population: “This represents a large part of the population. at risk of severe form, although … if we add all the people who are chronically ill, plus people aged 60 and over, we are closer to 25 to 30 million people. “

He argues that “even with the best organization and all the supplies that would arrive on time”, France could not vaccinate all vulnerable audiences by the summer. “Reason why we ask […] the continuation of health protection measures until the fall, ”he explains. “It is mathematically, it seems to me, defensible”, concludes the member of the government.

The text of the extension of the state of emergency will be on the menu of the Senate at first reading on January 27 with a view to final adoption before February 16, the current date of end of application of this exceptional regime.

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