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Ohio woman attacks elderly Asian store owners after card denied

A woman is wanted in Cleveland after going wild at a local beauty store and attacking her elderly Asian owners over a failed purchase.

What happened: The incident, which was caught on CCTV, happened at Chic Plus Beauty Supply on Lorain Road around 5 p.m. Friday. Police said the woman was trying to buy something using a prepaid debit card, which was refused at the counter.

  • “Can I have my things please, I’ll go and pull myself out of your hair.” You will never see me in your store again, ”the woman said of her purchase, which reportedly cost $ 11.85. “All I’m trying to do is get my things back, that’s all. I am not belligerent.

  • In response, the store owners explained that they couldn’t give her the items because her account didn’t have any money. “The card was declined, so obviously you can’t take the product out of the store and that seemed to put her off,” said owners’ son David Jo. WJW.

  • The situation quickly turned violent. The woman jumped behind the counter, attacked Jo’s parents, and destroyed some displays. “I just saw my mom today since it happened and she has bruises, her hair has been pulled out, she has bruises all over her body… My dad’s mouth was bloody,” Jo told WJW.

Suspect wanted: Cleveland Police are now looking for the woman. She faces assault and vandalism charges, but police are also investigating a possible hate crime.

  • The store owners, both in their 60s, immigrated from South Korea about 25 years ago. They have been operating the business for five years.

  • Jo thinks the woman has had the confidence to control her parents. “Just because they’re so weak and helpless, she decided it would be okay to attack them, which is amazing to me, and just over $ 11 in purchase,” he said. WEWS.

  • Jo’s parents reportedly returned on Monday to clean the store and do their business as usual. But he doesn’t feel comfortable about it, telling WEWS: “I have to find this person and make sure they’re held accountable for the damage they’ve caused.”

Anyone with information is requested to contact Cleveland Police. the division can be reached at 216-621-1234 for non-emergencies.

Screenshots of the featured image via David Jo (left) and News 5 Cleveland (right)

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