Oh no, Hades 2 is already sick as hell to play and it hasn’t even entered early access yet

Surprise! Hades 2 is finally here and playable. Supergiant’s hack-and-slash, flirt-with-the-gods roguelike is a brief technical test away from its early access debut on Steam. I fought my way through its opening area and first boss and now I need more. Even though it’s clearly unfinished, that’s fine. As, Alright.

A small part of me was a little hesitant to see Supergiant make its first direct sequel. Every game since 2011’s Bastion has taken us to completely different worlds with new approaches to combat. I wasn’t even a huge fan of Pyre, but I respect any game brave enough to mix strategic action with sports gaming elements a la NBA Jam. Bastion was my favorite until Hades took that torch and brought it into the realm of a roguelike action game wrapped in a story about a family of Greek gods and goddesses.

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