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Offshore wind is biding its time – Wind farm in the bay of Saint-Brieuc: years of tension

How many wind turbines are really needed at sea?

The French renewable energy deployment policy has planned 5 to 6 GW of offshore wind turbines by 2028. This includes projects already launched and upcoming calls for tenders. The figure could oscillate between 15 and 50 GW in 2050, according to the different scenarios of Ademe for this sector. That is to say between 1,000 and 3,500 masts distributed over the entire metropolitan seafront in 30 years, a large part of which will be floating. Germany, which has half the length of its coastline as France, has already installed nearly 8 GW and plans 15 to 20 GW in 2030.

Electricity from wind turbines, is it useful for Brittany?

From the strict point of view of the supply-demand balance in electricity, Brittany is suffering. Having wind farms in its maritime zone will allow an electricity supply “made in Breizh” which will relieve the network.

The Breton Electricity Pact also provided for 1 GW installed in 2020… Given the delay, the objective is postponed to 2.1 GW in 2030. The good availability of wind power at sea (more than 4,000 hours per year) and the strong injected powers make it an essential ally in the energy transition. Without these wind turbines, other means of production will be needed in Brittany.

Should the sea remain untouched by any impact?

If so, it is necessary to eliminate all the boats which sail on it, the submarines, as well as the areas of exploitation of the oil drilling type. As the answer is obviously no, collective intelligence must take the upper hand and find a way to maintain the existing activities with the development of offshore wind power.

In this new landscape, the economic benefits of the industrial wind power sector are not negligible, via tax revenues and jobs in small and large companies in France.

For now, the market is dominated by manufacturers from other countries because they have already had the opportunity to build nearly 100 offshore wind farms in five main European countries.

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