NYT Crossword Answers for April 17, 2024

27D. To “avoid the pews, for example,” is to run away, using “pews” as a metonym for the marriage altar.

61D. Pay attention to the comma in “An OK Place to Be Naked, Once.” This clue refers to a time spent with “once”, and that place was EDEN. Now that I’ve mentioned it, I can’t think of a single instance in which it’s “OK to be naked once.”

66D. “Lead Regulator, for short” presents a double challenge: we may stumble either on finding an abbreviation or on the pronunciation of “lead,” which here refers to the element, not a leading character . The answer is the EPA

I really wanted to incorporate the “one I” gimmick into the solving experience, so the first submission of this puzzle had the solitary “I” in an unchecked square surrounded by black squares (giving a visual representation of an eye). This forced the solvers to understand, thanks to the revealer, that there is only one “I” in the puzzle. Then, not observing any “I” still in the grid (or clues), so that they confidently place an “I” in the unchecked box. Yeah, maybe a little too ambitious. To get back to basics (and the crossword convention), I just circled the “I” and made the crosswords linked to the theme in a silly way, because the two words tell what happened to the poor man Cy. I also kept the letter “I” out of the clues; It wasn’t necessary anymore, but I thought it gave the puzzle a nice extra touch without really sacrificing anything.

My favorite edit in the final version is the clue change in 21-down to be a shout-out to Homer – fantastic!

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