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Norwegian police identify body of child who died crossing the Channel

“It is now certain that the boy who has been found is Artin Irannezhad. He is of Iranian descent and disappeared in a shipwreck in the English Channel off the French coast on October 27 last year,” said Southwestern Police Chief Investigator Camilla Tjelle Waage. in a statement Monday.

Artin was 18 months old when he disappeared, police said. Both her parents died in the shipwreck, along with her two older siblings. The family were among 19 migrants on board the boat bound for the UK, which capsized in French waters.

When the tiny body washed up on the Norwegian island of Karmøy, no babies were reported in the area and no family contacted local police, a police spokesperson told CNN on Monday. South West. The blue overalls Artin was wearing was not a Norwegian brand, which suggested he was not a native, police also said.

Artin’s family was Iranian Kurdish according to HENGAW, a human rights organization focused on Iranian Kurdistan.

Last week, forensic scientists at the University of Oslo were able to match Artin’s DNA to that of a relative in Norway, the lead investigator said in a statement.

“It’s a laborious process, but we are happy to have now received confirmation that it is the missing boy who has been found in Karmøy. This story is tragic, but at least it’s good to be able to give an answer. to relatives, ”he added. said Tjelle Waage.

“The police have had a permanent dialogue with the French authorities. We have always respected the ongoing processes beyond national borders, but when it turned out that the boy’s parent in Norway was related sufficiently close, we we chose to try to match the DNA of this person with that of the boy, ”added Tjelle Waage.

French President Emmanuel Macron and the British Prime Minister discussed the issue of Channel crossings on Monday ahead of the next G7 summit, according to Downing Street.

“The Prime Minister and the President have raised the issue of illegal migration across the Channel,” a spokesperson for Downing said in a statement.

“The Prime Minister noted the ongoing cooperation to fight against small boat crossings in the English Channel and stressed the need to redouble efforts to deter migrants from attempting this perilous journey following the worrying increase in incidents in recent years. weeks, ”they added.


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