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North Korea criticizes Biden’s ‘hostile’ and ‘spurious’ diplomacy – RT en français

In a statement released on May 2, the North Korean foreign ministry denounced “a hostile policy” towards its country by the Biden administration. In response, he announced that he had to “take the necessary measures”.

North Korea accused US President Joe Biden of pursuing a hostile policy on May 2 and denounced “spurious” US diplomacy, threatening to retaliate. These statements come after the new US president told Congress on April 28 that he would use “diplomacy as well as severe deterrence” to contain Pyongyang’s nuclear ambitions.

On April 30, however, the White House explained that the US president was in favor of a “realistic” diplomatic approach. Negotiations between the United States and North Korea have been at a standstill since the failure of the second summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un in Hanoi in 2019. Since taking office 100 days ago, Joe Biden has remained relatively quiet on the matter.

The North Korean Foreign Ministry said in a statement released on May 2 by the KCNA news agency that Joe Biden had made a “big blunder” with his “outdated” stance towards the country. “His statement clearly reflects his intention to pursue a hostile policy towards the [République populaire démocratique de Corée, RPDC] as the United States has been doing for more than half a century, ”said Kwon Jung-gun, an official at the North Korean foreign ministry.

“The so-called American ‘diplomacy’ is a spurious sign meant to cover up their hostile acts, and the announced ‘deterrence’ is simply a means of launching nuclear threats against the DPRK,” he added. “Now that the central focus of the new US policy on the DPRK is clear, we will be forced to take the necessary measures.”

North Korea denounces an American “political maneuver”

On April 30, the White House reaffirmed that its goal remained “complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.” American policy will have “a calibrated, practical approach, open to diplomacy” with North Korea, Jen Psaki, White House spokesperson, Jen Psaki explained to the press the same day.

Advocating for a “realistic” approach through diplomatic channels, in close consultation with South Korea and Japan, Psaki remained evasive on possible initiatives under consideration, while distancing himself from previous administrations. “Our policy will not be centered on the search for a big agreement”, she underlined, marking the difference with the approach of Donald Trump. “But it will not rely on strategic patience either,” she added, referring to the doctrine of Barack Obama’s presidency.

In a separate statement, also released by KCNA, the North Korean Foreign Ministry accused the United States of insulting Kim Jong Un and his coronavirus policy, referring to an April 28 press release from the Department. of state. His spokesperson Ned Price had criticized what he considers to be human rights violations as well as the measures taken by North Korea to fight against Covid-19, lambasting “one of the most repressive states and totalitarians in the world ”.

“The” human rights issue “evoked by the United States is a political maneuver intended to destroy the ideology and the social system of the DPRK,” said the North Korean ministry.

And in a third statement released on May 2, Kim Jong-un’s sister, Kim Yo-jong, attacked the recent dropping of hostile leaflets in Pyongyang from South Korea by a group of opponents of North Korea. “We view the maneuvers committed by human waste in the south as a serious provocation against our state and will study the appropriate measures in response,” said Kim Yo-jong.

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