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North Korea criticizes Australia’s purchase of US submarines

Pyongyang said on September 20 that Australia’s purchase of US submarines posed a threat of a “nuclear arms race” in the Indo-Pacific region.

The new trilateral security pact between Washington, London and Canberra could trigger a “nuclear arms race” in the Asia-Pacific region, North Korea ruled on September 20.

The United States, Australia and the United Kingdom announced on September 15 a strategic partnership to counter China, dubbed AUKUS, including the supply of American nuclear-powered submarines to Canberra which effectively pulled the French out of the Thu. Australia’s decision to cancel a contract to purchase French submarines for US nuclear-powered submersibles has sparked outrage in Paris.

“Extremely undesirable” acts

“These are extremely unwanted and dangerous acts which will upset the strategic balance in the Asia-Pacific region and will spark a nuclear arms race,” the North Korean state news agency wrote. KCNA quoting an official from the North Korean Foreign Ministry.

“This shows that the United States is the main culprit that endangers the international system on nuclear non-proliferation,” the agency added.

On September 15, the launch of two North Korean ballistic missiles towards the sea was followed by that of a ballistic missile from a submarine by South Korea, a few hours later, thus becoming the seventh country in the world to have this cutting edge technology.

Show of strength

The head of the North Korea Defense Science Agency denigrated Seoul’s new sea-to-surface ballistic missile (SLBM), saying it lacks key technology, according to KCNA. “The locally manufactured SLBM unveiled by South Korea will not be an effective means of attacking in times of war,” he said.

The recent missile attacks by the two Koreas and the defense agreements in the Pacific bear witness to an arms race in the Indo-Pacific region amid growing tensions between Washington and Beijing. “It is only natural that neighboring countries, including China, condemned these irresponsible acts which destroy the peace and stability of the region,” said a representative of the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Relations between Washington and Pyongyang have stalled since the failure of the Hanoi summit in February 2019 between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump. “The attitude of double play of the United States, which is accentuated since the arrival [de Joe Biden à la présidence] seriously threatens world peace and stability, ”said the representative of the North Korean ministry.

He warned against a probable “counter-attack” from Pyongyang “in the event that this would have even a small consequence in terms of the security of our country”.

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