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North Carolina pays Ronnie Long $ 750,000 for 44 years in prison.  Sufficient?

Ronnie Long was wrongfully jailed for 44 years on a North Carolina rape conviction. But the state only compensates him for 15 of those years.

He says he deserves more.

In 1976, Long, who is black, was charged with raping a white woman and then sentenced to life in prison. His lawyers said more than 40 fingerprints and other evidence collected at the scene had never been shared. Long was released in August 2020. He just received a check for $ 750,000.

North Carolina law says that anyone wrongly convicted of a felony can receive $ 50,000 for each year of imprisonment, but the catch is that the amount caps at $ 750,000. This means that Long, who is 65, will not be compensated for 29 years in prison.

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