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Noise festival in Landerneau: “We had to maintain the link” – Brittany

Attendance. “Between the four days, we are out of a total of 15,000 people on the site,” assures the organizer straight away. We are far from the 50,000 festival-goers of previous editions. But, with a daily tonnage of 4,000, the protest knew what to expect. And, she did not fill up, the obligation of the sanitary pass having slowed down reservations.

Tis PCR. However, the festival had called on Civil Protection and the Order of Malta to carry out PCR tests during the demonstration. “We did a thousand over the four days. And this Sunday, at 6 p.m., two hours before the end of the tests, we are at zero positive cases. “

Thunderstorm rains. On Friday, as soon as Asaf Avidan arrived on stage, a downpour fell on the site for about forty minutes. “We took everything at once which, at the limit, is not worse”, reacts Jo Bernard. Because, the rest of the time, the festival did not endure the bad weather that was predicted for it.

Cascading cancellations. “We almost suppressed the day on Sunday altogether. “Due to a case of covid-19, there was first the withdrawal of IAM, the headliner of this closing day. “Then, Saturday, at 2 am, it was 47Ter who canceled, also because of covid. We activated our network in the middle of the night. Mass Hysteria, Biga * Ranx and Soso Maness ultimately played the last minute guests. “The poster is different, of course, but it holds up,” said Jo Bernard yesterday at the time of justifying the absence of a reimbursement proposal.

Was the game worth the candle? “We could undoubtedly have been able to stay at home, receive the solidarity fund and sleep better. What was important was to open the doors and maintain the meeting and therefore the link with the artists, partners, volunteers and the public. Because, three years without a festival is too much (the last one took place in 2019, Editor’s note). »And on the financial side? “Régie Scène, the organizing company, is a company that has existed for a long time (1999) and which therefore has fewer difficulties today than others”, specifies the organizer first. He continues: “Feast of noise in classic format, there is a budget of € 2.5 million. There, in reduced format, we are on 1 M € and inevitably in the red. The goal was to achieve the lowest possible deficit. It will undoubtedly be in the order of 100,000 €. In this regard, it is important to point out the loyalty of our private partners, the communities of the city of Landerneau and the community of communes. Only the Region has not yet responded to our request for an exceptional grant of € 30,000. We are still waiting. “

The following. Jo Bernard does not conceive of a return to normalcy before 2023. Only then, he believes, the festival could find the face we know it. By then, he plans to hold an “intermediate” edition in 2022, without being able to predict what this “intermediate” may mean in a year.

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