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Noah Syndergaard decided on Friday to troll Trevor Bauer on Twitter about Bauer’s signing with the Dodgers as a free agent after being told he had agreed to join Syndergaard with the Mets.

And because Bauer was the guy behind the curve, things quickly turned into a Twitter jam that ultimately included Bauer’s agent.

Syndergaard kicked off a quote by tweeting an image of himself laughing with his teammate Robert Gsellman in spring training and making a “Insert punchline here” response to edit Bauer.

Bauer came back by referencing apologizes to Mets fans after joining the Dodgers – and also adding a reference to Thor’s continued rehabilitation following Tommy John’s surgery.

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But Bauer being Bauer, he decided to continue. It took him about 10 minutes to unearth an unflattering exchange between Syndergaard and a social media user.

Meanwhile, Bauer’s agent Rachel Luba, who led negotiations for Bauer’s $ 102 million pact with Los Angeles, entered the chat:

Also, did we say “Dig?”

From there, the exchange quickly got tired, to the point of exhausting itself. Bauer offered a sophomore replica to the “dig” dig, Syndergaard returned with a drone reference (see: ALCS 2016 between Cleveland and Toronto), and then Bauer had the final say.

It will be difficult for Bauer to become a more hated Dodger in the eyes of Mets fans than Chase Utley, but if anyone can do it, then they can. And, well, Syndergaard should be back on the mound before New York and Los Angeles meet at Citi Field in mid-August.

Maybe Syndergaard’s goal will be better this time around. It will be sweaty in New York for the middle of the summer, but he will have had six years to figure out how to pull himself together.

We hear that pine tar helps.

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