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The threat had been hovering for months, it is now effective. “It is a ruthless rule: the State orders us to refuse any building permit in the municipalities where our stations and our purification networks are not up to date”, exposed, this Saturday morning, Vincent Le Meaux to the 85 community counselors present during the Guingamp-Paimpol Agglomeration (GPA).

The president of the community (which brings together 57 municipalities) received at the beginning of the year a letter signed by Thierry Mosimann, the prefect of Côtes-d’Armor, notifying him of his decision on the sectors of Guingamp, Paimpol, Pontrieux and Bégard; that is to say almost all the municipalities located in the northern half of the agglomeration. A letter following others. In mid-December, Rémi Guillou, vice-president in charge of water and sanitation at Guingamp-Paimpol Agglomeration, had already warned his elected colleagues: “In the absence of work, there will be no additional connection to the network, whether it is new houses or renovations ”.

“The agglomeration has never done so much on water and sanitation”

However, despite this recent “formal notice”, neither Vincent le Meaux, nor Rémi Guillou, thought that the ax would fall so quickly and so brutally. For the president of the agglomeration, “the Republic is not made only of decrees, circulars and regulations. The Republic is made up of men and women who try to find solutions and discuss. The development of the agglomeration cannot be blocked by a simple decree from the Côtes-d’Armor prefecture ”.

This Saturday morning, while launching “an appeal to reason” in the direction of the prefecture, Vincent Le Meaux also recalled that the community “had never done so much on water and sanitation. In 2021, one third of the Guingamp-Paimpol Agglomeration budget, i.e. € 28.40 million, will be devoted to this policy. We are on the right path to regain water quality. What better response can we bring to the State and to environmental defense associations? “.

Two thirds of the non-standard stations for Water and Rivers

A message addressed in particular to Water and Rivers of Brittany. A fortnight ago, gathered in front of the town hall of Guingamp, officials of the association had insisted on the difficulties of the territory : uncontrolled urbanization, degradation of the bocage, chronic deficiency of sanitation equipment… “Two thirds of the wastewater treatment plants in the territory are out of the ordinary”, had notably underlined Gilles Huet, while Dominique Le Goux targeted the Pont Ezer station : “There, there are regular discharges of untreated water directly into the environment”.

What will happen now? As Vincent Le Meaux indicated on Saturday, the message on “the severity” of the state is being transmitted to mayors. But the elected socialist also wrote to the prefect on Thursday to ask him to relax his position. “We don’t need sanctions, we need advice. The state cannot strangle a territory like Guingamp-Paimpol overnight. He does not have the right. It is not possible ”, hammered the president of GPA in front of his elected colleagues.

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