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No face-to-face exam until May 2 for Breton students – Brittany

  • 1 No face-to-face exam: what general framework?
  • In a circular sent this Tuesday to the presidents and directors of higher education establishments, the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation defines a precise framework for the holding of exams at the university : “Between April 6 and May 2 inclusive, all exams organized by higher education establishments must be held at a distance or be postponed. No face-to-face exam can be held during this period. Continuous assessment tests organized on the occasion of tutorials (tutorials) and practical work (practical work) in person can take place ”.

  • 2 What are the possible exemptions?
  • The Ministry of Higher Education specifies that two types of derogations from this general framework may be granted. The first concerns the tests and examinations organized in health training facilities which may, according to needs, take place face-to-face or remotely. The other exception concerns competitive examinations for access to higher education training. “PASS (Specific Health Access Path) and LAS (License with Health Access Option) exams are also concerned”, specifies the Ministry of Higher Education.

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  • 3 Switching online or postponement: which solution to favor?
  • The inability to organize face-to-face exams now forces institutions to reorganize themselves: should they be kept at all costs, on the same date but online, or should they be postponed? “Not all exams can be transposed from face-to-face to distance,” recalls Matthieu Gallou, president of the University of Western Brittany. This requires, in a very short time, teachers and the education service to reorganize ”. At UBO, the choice was made to maintain, when possible, the maximum number of exams on the dates and times initially planned, but in digital version.

  • 4 Six days before the exams: what difficulties are identified?
  • In Brittany, and in particular at UBO where more than 23,000 students are enrolled this year, the university calendar is modeled on that of National Education. The two-week postponement of the school holidays, after Emmanuel Macron’s announcements on Wednesday March 31, resulted in a “difficult overall situation”, describes Matthieu Gallou, president of the UBO. At UBO, the majority of exams are scheduled to start on Monday April 12. “We had scheduled most of the exams before the holidays, with a good part on site, according to the recommendations in force at that time. For the students, the calendar is now filled with uncertainties, which will have to be resolved very quickly in the days to come. Another question mark: the ability of internet platforms to collect the massive connection of students in the middle of the exam period.

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