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Nikki Reed reveals why she and Evan Rachel Wood ‘haven’t spoken’ for years

From enemies to best friends!

Eighteen years after playing in Thirteen, Evan Rachel Wood and Nikki roseau talk to each other every week – “sometimes every day,” Nikki said in the June 4 episode of the Story + Rain Talk Podcast. “We facetime together.”

But their relationship hasn’t always been so sunny. Evan and Nikki were only 15 when the film premiered, and according to the dusk alum, the girls “had a few years after that movie we didn’t talk to”.

Nikki, who contributes to well-being History + Rain, revealed how the couple eventually reunited and overcame their feud.

As she explained, “As adults we realized it was because of the process of making a movie and promoting it… We were too young to make it at the time, but it there were a lot of people pitting us against each other, and making it a competitive atmosphere. ”

She continued, “Which, now, looking back, I’m like, ‘Sure, because isn’t that the recipe for treating all the young women in this industry ?!”

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