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Nicole Kidman reveals biggest challenge while playing Lucille Ball

What kind of acting challenges Nicole kidman? How about one of the most pioneering women in comedy.

The Oscar-winning actress, known for her dramatic on-screen performances, stars I love lucy‘s Lucille Boule in Aaron Sorkinthe next biopic from Amazon Studios Being the Ricardos, which focuses on the late sitcom star’s turbulent relationship with her co-star and real-life husband Dezi Arnaz, played by Javier bardem. In a remote video chat with an actor Chris rock, registered for Variety Studio: Actors on Actors series and released on Thursday, June 10, Kidman discussed his new role in the movies.

“I’m well outside my comfort zone right now, Chris,” the actress told the actor, who is not involved in the film. “I am in free fall.”

Kidman continued, “I wish I was funny. I’m never funny.” Rock replied, “Oh, you could be funny. You play Lucille Ball. You better be funny,” to which the actress replied, “Lucille Ball is hopefully funny.”

Kidman also explained how she was working to change her accent for her acting roles. “I must have devoted a tremendous amount of time to Lucille Ball right now,” she said, “because she has a very peculiar pace and way of speaking.”

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