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Nicolas Sarkozy says he is the victim of “harassment for ten years” – France

Two days after her sentencing to three years in prison, including one year, in the wiretapping case, Nicolas Sarkozy was the guest of TF1 TV news, this Wednesday evening.

From the outset, the former head of state considered himself the victim of judicial harassment: “Unfortunately, I have been used to being harassed for ten years”.

Nicolas Sarkozy wanted to be combative: “I will not lower my head, because I am being blamed for facts that I did not commit”. He also appealed against his conviction. “I will fight to the end so that the truth triumphs,” he also replied to journalist Gilles Bouleau.

“Without the shadow of a proof”

Regarding the substance of the case, he delivered his version of the facts: “I am sentenced to three years in prison because I am credited with the intention of having had the will to render service to the friend of a friend while acknowledging that I did not do it ”. He considered himself the victim of a “deep injustice”: “In 2021, we can therefore condemn a man, after seven years of investigations in all directions, with two international letters rogatory, without a shadow of proof. “.

Evoking a “thunderclap” about this conviction, he returned to the three weeks of the trial: “I answered all the questions, I showed my good faith on all points. All the journalists present, all the observers said that the accusation collapsed ”.

Finally, the former President of the Republic, from 2007 to 2012, confirmed that he did not intend to run for a new mandate at the top of the state, a decision he had taken “well before” his conviction: “I confirms to you that I do not have the will to return to politics. I turned the page “. This will not prevent him from giving his preference: “I will say when I know the candidates the one that I support, and I will commit myself at that time”.

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