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Nicki Minaj Refuses to Get Vaccinated for Met Gala

Monday night’s Met Gala is expected to attract some of the world’s most famous fashionistas, but Nicki Minaj won’t be one of them.

The hip-hop artist announced via Twitter on Monday that she would not be attending the shindig chic because she didn’t think it was necessary to get the vaccine to attend.

This despite the fact that she had previously tested positive for COVID-19, according to E! Online.

But Minaj doesn’t say no to the vaccine. She says she will get the vaccine once she feels she has done enough research.

Minaj then shared a questionable sounding anecdote about how her cousin won’t get the coronavirus vaccine because a friend got the shot and “his testicles got swollen.”

Minaj admitted that she would likely get the shot when she returned on tour.

Since vaccines have kept many people from dying, many Twitter users have asked about his “research.”


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