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NHL Hurricanes, NFL Panthers change ESPN’s Chris Fowler for expansion draft scramble

Chris Fowler made matters worse for ESPN on Wednesday night in the network’s first major event since returning to being the NHL rights holder.

He showed a lack of hockey chops as he hosted the expansion draft to store the league’s 32nd franchise, the Seattle Kraken. While he wasn’t lacking in geography when calling the New York Islanders and Devils teams, he was making a terrible Freudian mistake with the NHL franchise in North Carolina.

John Buccigross and Linda Cohn would never do it. At least Fowler didn’t call the Canes the Whalers (although he did slip a Mighty Ducks reference to the Anaheim squad).

EXTENSION PROJECT: Monitoring of Kraken choices, rumors

The Carolina teams involved in the confusion saw an opportunity on social media and, well, they’ve hit the back of the net.

Of course, the NHL Panthers had to jump in too (they play in South Florida, ESPN).

Fowler, uh, struggles came hours after the Kraken’s picks leaked on the internet. The only suspense on the ESPN2 show was whether there would be any side deals or exchanges. FYI, there was no announcement.

But there was still some uncertainty as viewers waited to see if Fowler – who specializes in college football and tennis – would cleanly cross a segment.

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