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NFL’s Baker Mayfield says vaccines are more than a “competitive advantage”

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield is sending a positive message about COVID-19 vaccines.

He has spoken openly about how the shots benefit players and humanity.

“It’s a competitive advantage, but it’s also so much more than that,” the 26-year-old told reporters at his youth football camp on Wednesday. “It is about safety and simply the general health and well-being of human life.”

Positive COVID-19 tests hampered the Browns during the coronavirus pandemic, forcing them to shut down their center of practice. Illustrated sports points out that the team played a game last season “essentially without most of their spacious reception hall”.

The NFL is urging teams to get more than 85% of their players vaccinated before most of them open training camp on July 27. The league reported last week 10 teams hit the goal and 73% of league players had at least one shot. Unvaccinated players will need to take precautions like daily testing, wear masks, limit the number of players in rooms, and not eat in the cafeteria.

Yet Mayfield’s remarks also focus on the bigger picture.

Over the weekend, Dr Scott Gottlieb, former Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, predicted that “most” unvaccinated Americans who have not yet had COVID-19 will contract the delta variant – and this will be the “most serious” virus of their lives.


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