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NFL: Covid Outbreaks Among Unvaccinated Players Could Mean Forfeits

“While there is no doubt that health conditions have improved from last year, we cannot be complacent or just assume that we will be able to play without a break – either due to epidemics. of Covid in our clubs or of epidemics occurring within the wider community. ”Commissioner Roger Goodell’s memo reportedly said.

The burden of any financial fallout resulting from a match affected by a team-based Covid outbreak will also fall on that respective team, according to the memo.

The Biden administration has repeatedly said it does not require so-called vaccine passports or support nationwide vaccination mandates, instead letting private companies and others set their own rules.

“We know that businesses, private sector employees, healthcare facilities and educational institutions will take steps to ensure the safety of residents of their communities,” the White House press secretary said on Tuesday, Jen Psaki.

Vaccinations are gradually declining in much of the country, although the highly contagious Delta variant has increased the number of cases and deaths – unvaccinated people making up the majority of people hospitalized with Covid.

Several high-profile outbreaks struck during the NFL season last year, which ended with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers winning the Super Bowl in February and a visit to the White House earlier this week.

While no games were ultimately called off, a number of competitions had to be reshuffled – such as a Tennessee Titans-Buffalo Bills game in October that became the league’s second Tuesday night game since 1946.

The memo said that across the NFL, more than 75 percent of players are either vaccinated or in the process of doing so and that more than half of all teams have crossed the 80 percent mark.

The league said it will not impose vaccinations on NFL players, coaches or staff, but will place additional restrictions on unvaccinated players compared to those who are vaccinated. These include additional surveillance tests, mandatory mask wear and social distancing from others at team facilities, as well as longer quarantine periods in the event of a positive Covid-19 test or close contact with another person who tested positive.

But some players bristled at these policies. Arizona Cardinals star DeAndre Hopkins has said he is questioning his future after Thursday’s development.

“I never thought I would say that but being put in a position to hurt my team because I don’t want to participate in the vaccine makes me question my future in the @NFL,” Hopkins wrote on Twitter but then deleted the tweet.

It then tweeted simply, “Freedom? “

Wide Receiver of Invoices Cole beasley has openly declared his opposition to the vaccination, including threatening to withdraw from football if necessary to avoid shooting.

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