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Newnan High School Seniors Get the Ball of Their Dreams Despite a Tough Year |  New

Newnan High School seniors prepped for the news ball would be canceled, but principals instead announced they were moving forward with the in-person event, in addition to paying for all seniors. and their dates.

The special night comes after COVID-19 hit school hard, then a tornado hit even harder in late March.

This EF4 tornado fell short of the city’s outpouring of support within the community and on campus.

“They’ve had so many ups and downs in school, but we’re staying strong in Newnan and we’re going to throw a prom to remember,” Kyle Kahn told CBS46. The school hired Kahn to plan an “epic night out” at the Newnan Center.

The prom could not take place at the high school because the property was closed for five weeks for inspections. Heads of school say it is always dangerous to go home. Buildings and classrooms are destroyed but don’t hope if you ask the principal.

“They flocked to the community to volunteer to help clean up the efforts.” Chase Puckett added, “This is a strong group of men and women and it has been a privilege to watch them grow up and tonight we are going to celebrate.”

Covid and storm damage raised fears among seniors that there would be no prom night, missing what they called ultimate right

of passage. So to see the event unfold on Saturday night was overwhelming to know how much they had overcome.

“It’s so exciting, very exciting,” said senior Lashantie McGinty. Destiney Holliman replied, “It’s our senior degree in about three weeks, so this

is funny. When COVID-19 hit we didn’t have our junior prom and we were like maybe we’re not going to have a senior prom but I’m so grateful.

Dresses were given to the elderly who lost theirs in the storm, thanks to the local efforts of Deletha Colton.

Food and goodies were also donations, provided by Chic Fil A.

Plus, the high school covered ticket costs for everyone.

In a year they so wanted to forget, Saturday night was sure to be a night to remember.

“We’re about to have so much fun,” McGinty chuckled.

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