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Newcastle fans launch bid to buy a stake in the Premier League club in sale by current owner Mike Ashley |  Football News

Newcastle United supporters have launched an offer to buy a stake in the Premier League club when it is sold by current owner Mike Ashley.

The Newcastle United Supporters Trust (NUST), which has more than 14,000 members, has asked its supporters to pledge small amounts of money for a fund to buy a stake in the club.

The 1892 pledge, named after the year Newcastle United was founded, hopes to give fans “a small slice of the club if it sells out in the Premier League”, or help supporters “to step in to save the club in the event of relegation and the financial consequences that could lead to a change of owner “.

NUST President Greg Tomlinson said: “For decades fans have been told they are the lifeblood of the club, but when important decisions are made they are always left out.

“It is an unfortunate fact that in football, as in life, money speaks. Therefore, we believe that if we as fans really want to be actively involved in the conversations that will dictate the future of Newcastle United we have to invest our money where our mouth is.

“The fundraiser will give us the financial support to make our voice heard as the club is sold.”

Alex Hurst, NUST board member added: “Fans need to have a say in what happens at NUFC and we believe this campaign will give us a real voice in running the club – not just now. but for years and decades to come. “

Ashley came close to selling Newcastle last year to a Saudi-backed investment fund in a deal valued at just over £ 300million.

However, the proposed buyout collapsed in July as the deal was still being considered as part of the Premier League owners and directors test – amid criticism of Saudi Arabia’s record on rights to football. man and TV piracy charges.

Newcastle are currently 17th in the Premier League, just three points above the relegation spots with eight games left in the season.

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