New Yorkers who care about their city and state must reject all four proposals

City voters may not realize it, but the ghost of Mayor Bill de Blasio will haunt their ballots in November – in the form of three incredibly odious measures to increase and redistribute government spending and divide the city ​​according to racial criteria. A fourth proposal, for state voters, would greenlight $4.2 billion in even more irresponsible borrowing, taxes and spending in Albany.

New Yorkers who care about their city and their state should vote against all four.

The city’s three proposals are de Blasio’s measures intended to accelerate his race-obsessed redistribution agenda. In his senior year, he set up a charter review commission whose official name, the “Racial Justice Commission,” says it all. Its mission: to propose “structural changes” to the city charter to “advance racial justice and equity and begin to dismantle racism” in New York.

The first would add a preamble to the charter — the city’s constitution — setting out Gotham’s “vision” of a “fair and just city” and obliging City Hall to repair “past and continuing damage” and “rebuild” the foundations, structures, institutions of the city. , and laws to promote justice and equity.

“We strive to ensure ‘every New Yorker’ has the opportunity to thrive” with “accessible infrastructure and services”, “resources needed to thrive economically”, “affordable housing” and so on.

It would be license for radicals to sue (and most likely win lawsuits) to impose measures such as cutting merit-based admissions to the city’s top schools, hitting landlords harder, or even paying reparations to groups. favored – the public will be damned.

Also note that this new preamble would condemn the citizens the charter is supposed to govern for committing “serious injustices” such as “underpaying” immigrant workers, “mass incarceration” (i.e. sending criminals in prison) and the “systemic inequity” that continues today.

A second ballot measure would “establish an Office, Plan and Commission for Racial Equity” — essentially to achieve the race-based redistribution goals of the preamble. Count on it for increase racism, while costing billions.

Similarly, a third proposal requires the city to calculate a supposed “true cost of living” ignoring subsidies – for housing, health care, food, transportation, etc. The goal: to force city hall to calculate poverty in a way that lets more people qualify for even more taxpayer-funded grants.

Never mind that such a bureaucratic process has no place in a charter; the city is already leading most of the country in redirecting funds to the “needy,” forcing it to burden its most productive residents with exorbitant taxes.

Finally, the proposed statewide “Environmental Bond Act” would allow Albany to borrow and spend $4.2 billion on green dots, including $1.5 billion for “the climate change mitigation”, and to use taxpayers’ money to pay down the debt. Again, state and local government spending in New York already exceeds that of almost every other state, which is why its tax burden is also near the top. If Albany needs money to appease environmentalists, let him cut spending elsewhere; New York taxpayers are in enough of a hurry.

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