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A New York woman went viral on TikTok on Wednesday after posting a series of videos documenting her journey to discover an unoccupied secret apartment behind her bathroom mirror.

In the first video of her four-part saga, Samantha Hartsoe said she was trying to find the source of cold air blowing through her Manhattan apartment. When she found out the air was coming from behind her bathroom mirror, Hartsoe said she removed it from the wall.

What Hartsoe said he found was a large, square-shaped hole in the wall that looked into a dark room – a scene that observers compared to the Oscar-winning film “Parasite” and the 1992 horror film “Candyman,” where a murderous spirit appears after the victims repeatedly call his name in the mirror.

Hartsoe finally decided to venture to the other side of her bathroom.

“Curiosity killed the cat, curiosity is going to kill me,” Hartsoe told NBC New York. “I can’t help but know what’s on the other side of my bathroom.”

Videos showed Hartsoe, clad in a face mask, headlight and hammer, twisting her body into the hole, much to the dismay of her roommates.

“My roommates really thought I was going to be dead,” she says. “Around every corner I walked normally, then I would be like [moving her head] check.”

On the other side of the hole was an entire apartment that looked unfinished and unoccupied, the video showed. Garbage bags and an uninstalled toilet littered the floors.

After investigating the two floors of the apartment, Hartsoe locked the front door of the empty apartment and returned to her apartment through the hole in her bathroom.

“When I came back [my roommates] were excited, ”she said.

Over nine million viewers watched Hartsoe’s mysterious journey on TikTok on Friday afternoon.

Hartsoe added that she had not yet contacted her owner, but had contacted maintenance to fix the hole behind her mirror.

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