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New York mayor hopeful Eric Adams defends residency issues with Brooklyn home visit

Eric Adams, the former NYPD captain and president of the Brooklyn Borough, responded to questions about his residency status on Wednesday, allowing local reporters to tour his central Brooklyn home.

“If I’m not at Borough Hall, I’m here,” Adams, a Democrat, told reporters inside his red brick house on the ground floor. It was decorated with framed newspaper clippings, family photos and other accessories of an inhabited residence. “Most of my nights I sleep here.”

The tour came after a Politico New York report raised serious questions about Adams’ primary residence, which is a requirement for being mayor of the city. Politico noted several addresses associated with Adams in official records, including the property visited, another residence in Brooklyn, and a co-op in New Jersey that he shares with his partner, Tracey Collins.

“How stupid should someone be to run for mayor of New York City and live in another town?” Adams asked reporters. Adams said he occasionally used the New Jersey property, but the Brooklyn house was his primary residence. Ownership records show that the house was purchased in 2003 and the mortgage was satisfied in 2018.

The scrutiny comes as a recent poll placed the Brooklyn Borough President No.1 with 23% in the overcrowded Democratic field, which has eight candidates vying for the nomination. In the heavily democratic city, whoever wins the June 22 primary will likely win the November general election against the GOP candidate.

At No.2, with 17%, is Maya Wiley, civil rights lawyer and former adviser to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who received a boost after being vetted by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex, DN.Y., whose district represents parts of the boroughs of Queens and the Bronx.

The remaining candidates – 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang, a businessman, is in third place with 15%; Former city sanitation commissioner Kathryn Garcia has lost nine points since the last poll, to 12%. Former city comptroller Scott Stringer, who has faced and denied allegations of sexual assault, is at 9%; Obama administration Housing Secretary Shaun Donovan is at 4% in the poll and businessman Raymond McGuire has 3% of voter support. Former nonprofit executive Dianne Morales is at 2%. The poll found that 12% of voters remain undecided.

The margin of error for the candidate selection survey was +/- 3.6 percentage points.

Adams, who criticized Yang, saying he left town during the pandemic, was joined by his 25-year-old son Jordan on the tour. He said his former job as NYPD captain made him “secretive and silent.” Adams then became emotional, wiping away tears as he discussed an incident in which his car was hit by gunfire while his son was a baby.

“And my opponents, who follow me, know where I have been,” he said. “It’s no mystery where I am.”

He added, “My secret is my family. I signed up for this life. They didn’t sign up for this life,” noting that the units rented at his properties helped pay for his son’s school fees.

But his opponents still leapt.

“You can’t just have a cloud over the direction of this city when it comes to following the rules of engagement,” McGuire told the New York Daily News. “No one has a pass in this town. No one should get a pass.

His other opponents also lambasted him and demanded that he release more records, which he said he would do.

Garcia told the newspaper in a statement that he could “abuse his political office at taxpayer expense” by sleeping in his office. Wiley said the news was “downright bizarre,” the newspaper reported.

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