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New York court considers sexual abuse lawsuit against British Prince Andrew

London – A trial accusing Britain’s Prince Andrew of sexual abuse is scheduled to appear Monday before a federal judge in New York. Queen Elizabeth’s second son, The Duke of York, has always denied the allegations and has not been charged with any crime. Andrew’s lawyers worked behind the scenes to have the trial overturned.

As CBS News’ Holly Williams reports, Prince Andrew’s friendship with a sex offender Jeffrey Epstein has already caused a scandal in the royal family. Now a New York court must decide whether he was properly served with legal documents in a civil action alleging sexual assault.

Spencer Kuvin, a lawyer for Epstein’s nine accusers but not the plaintiff in the Prince Andrew case, told CBS News the royal is unlikely to appear in a courtroom anytime soon.

Kuvin said that even if the court allows Prince Andrew’s deposition in the case, it is “likely that a deposition like this will be under seal, and most people will not see it until the case is over. be judged, if at all. “

Epstein’s accuser: Maxwell was “the mastermind” …


André’s accuser, Virginie Roberts Giuffre, told CBS News’ Gayle King last year that the prince “must be held accountable – we must show the world that the rich and the powerful can fall too.”

Giuffre claims that Epstein and his alleged accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell forced her to have sex with their friend Prince Andrew on several occasions, including when she was underage.

Epstein 2019 died in a New York jail cell was ruled as suicide. Maxwell is now awaiting trial, accused of sex trafficking underage girls, including Giuffre. She denies the allegations.

In a 2019 BBC interview, Prince Andrew said he had not had any sexual contact with Giuffre. He claimed he had “no recollection” of meeting her “anything”, and he even suggested that a photograph, apparently showing them together, may have been forged.

New York court considers sexual abuse lawsuit against British Prince Andrew
British Prince Andrew is seen in a file photo with Virginia Giuffre (center) and Ghislaine Maxwell.

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But with Giuffre, Prince Andrew has run into a determined accuser.

“I know Virginia, as a victim, has made it very clear that she wants the world to know her truth and what happened to her,” Kuvin said.

There has been no official comment from Prince Andrew recently.

The case can only go ahead if the court finds that he was properly served with the legal documents, and CBS News understands that its lawyers are disputing this, as the documents were left with a police officer at the residence of the duke and sent by email.

If the court decides to allow the prince’s deposition, it will have to respond within 21 days.