New Monday Night Football NFL Theme Featuring Chris Stapleton, Snoop Dogg Turns Up the Volume on Classic Phil Collins Cover

Nick Chubb’s horrific injury made headlines Monday night.

But the next morning, a new NFL “Monday Night Football” version of a classic hit was making its way onto the Internet.

Cleveland Quarterback Deshaun Watson Reacts to Nick Chubb’s Injury

If country rock star Chris Stapleton teamed up with rap artist Snoop Dogg on a Phil Collins track as fantasy music before Week 1 began, you were in Week 2 heaven.

“In the Air Tonight” underwent a new wave of modernization, with Stapleton’s rough, smoky tone paired with the hard-hitting rap lines of Snoop Dogg, who was increasingly linked to professional and college games.

“A classic NFL rivalry is renewed.”

That was the video’s voiceover introduction before the somber image of a cowboy-hat-wearing Stapleton gave way to highlights of the Cleveland Browns, who fell 26-22 to the Pittsburgh Steelers in a game where Deshaun Watson continued to look extremely overpaid and the Browns lost. their star returns to what appears to be another massive leg injury.

“I can feel it coming in the air tonight,” crooned Stapleton, who was widely praised for his performance of the United States national anthem before Super Bowl LVII.

Cue pounding drums.

Shot of Browns and Steelers fans screaming in the stands.

Pivot to the normally smooth Snoop Dogg, who took over the video by riding via a shiny automobile, then unleashing monotonous lines that attempted to capture the annual AFC North battles between the Browns and Steelers.

Cleveland’s Nick Chubb after suffering knee injury against Pittsburgh Steelers

“Rivals,” Snopp Dogg said. “Us versus them. Survival.”

It was simple, direct and to the point.

It’s also rare for Monday Night Football to change its theme song, a testament to the heavyweight power of the Stapleton and Snoop Dogg pairing.

X, formerly known as Twitter, users quickly offered their support to the duo, writing: “I now need a full recovery of in the air tonight. It’s weird to realize how much we need something that we didn’t even know existed 14 hours ago.


Snoop Dogg performs on stage in Miami, Florida (/caption)

Another positive tweeter said: “Hello everyone, but especially @ChrisStapleton who was tasked with doing a proper cover of ‘In The Air Tonight’ for Monday Night Football (something once thought impossible and/or a trap) and who fucking pulled him. disabled.”

While Snoop Dogg played his standard role, Stapleton got an A+ from most of Twitter for bringing something new to a lead that risks being overplayed at sporting events around the world.

Then again, it’s still a super cool song that I’m hearing it for the millionth time.

A previous Browns-Steelers game highlighted the rivalry between the teams
Getty Images – Getty

And if it was cool in the Hollywood movie “The Hangover,” it still is when Nashville, Tennessee and Long Beach, California are represented in honor of “Monday Night Football.”

This X user agreed: “Whether you like the NFL or not…this coverage gets HARD.” “In the Air Tonight” is legendary.

Of course, veteran NFL reporter Adam Schefter participated in the pregame promo, teasing the rare Stapleton-Snoop Dogg combo with a timely tweet.

The game wasn’t as good as the cover.

Running back Jerome Ford stepped up in Chubb’s absence, rushing for a game-high 106 yards on just 16 carries.

But Watson continued to disappoint with the Browns.

Pittsburgh quarterback Kenny Pickett posted similar numbers to Watson (22-of-40 passing, 235 yards, 1 touchdown, 1 interception), while the Steelers blanked the Browns 7-0 in the fourth quarter to seal the game. home victory.


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