New “Medieval-Inspired” Doom Game Will Be Announced Next Month

An image shows the Doomslayer attacking demons.

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According to a new report, this appears to be the next big Loss The game from Id Software and Bethesda will be announced soon. But it looks like this next entry in the popular FPS franchise won’t be a traditional sequel, but rather perhaps a prequel showing the origins of the series’ main character, the Doomslayer.

On May 24, Insider games reported that he had learned of the next match of the Loss the franchise was set to be revealed during the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase on June 9.

It’s the same Loss game which, according to some rumors, exists under the code name “Year Zero”. According to the new report, the final name is Doom: Dark Ages, and it has been in development for at least four years.

Insider games said that last year he heard “first details” about the as-yet-unconfirmed game and was told that it takes place in a “medieval-inspired Doom world.” The outlet suggests that the previous codename of “Year Zero” and title “Dark Ages,” along with the mention of medieval inspiration, could indicate that this upcoming entry is more of a prequel or origin story for Doomslayer aka Doomguy. This seems reasonable to me and seems like a fun way to keep the series fresh and different.

Last month, some people interpreted a little tease from Microsoft journalist Tom Warren as an indication that a new Loss the game was in preparation and would be announced by Xbox during its June showcase.

A new Loss to be announced seems quite likely because Eternal destiny was released four years ago and it’s one of Bethesda’s biggest franchises. It is therefore not surprising that such a project is in the works. The real question I’m interested in is where this was reported. Doom: Dark AgesThe prequel could land. Will it be an Xbox and PC version only, like Star Field? Or Will Microsoft continue its cross-platform efforts and bring in the next big one Loss a sequel to the PlayStation 5 too? It looks like we’ll find out in June.

Updated: 05/24/2024, 5:30 p.m. ET: On Friday, podcaster and insider Nate The Hate also reported that Doom: Dark Ages will actually launch on PS5.

The game will also be available on Xbox Game Pass. But it looks like it’s the next Bethesda Loss the game will be a cross-platform release, like previous entries.


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